Ex-Offender Opportunities

Knowing that the process of leaving prison can be very difficult, especially for ex-offenders and felons who have served lengthy sentences. Illinois and the City of Chicago offer a few re-entry programs for ex-offenders that can be very helpful for their transition back into civilian life.

Why reentry programs?

Reentry programs are proven to help reduce the percentage of  ex-offenders returning back into the prison pipeline. Many ex-offenders have a very hard time on the outside after serving their sentences, with getting counseling (which helps make that transition smoother for them). To finding jobs, getting back into school, adequate housing, or even obtaining their photo identification.

The reentry ex-offender programs, are very helpful with assisting in getting these task done.  Many programs offer group counseling, short term housing, and job training and placement assistance.

These programs also offer a much needed support team needed to help ex-offenders feel safe and comfortable with migrating back into the community based living.

Listed below you’ll find a list of re-entry programs services ran in the city of Chicago

  1. City Of Chicago: Reentry Program –  Some reentry information for felons
  2. Reentry Illinois – Some information but seems outdated. Still may be useful though.
  3. Safer Foundation – Help with GED exams, housing, jobs and career skills for ex-offenders.
  4. Lutheran Social Services of Illinois – Reentry Services for Returning Citizens is a multi-faceted statewide program that supports people released from prison.
  5. Hire Network – Information about jobs for felons.
  6. IDES –  Re-entry Employment Service Program ran by the state of Illinois.
  7. Help For Felonshttps://helpforfelons.org/jobs-felons-chicago/