Alderman Howard B Brookins Jr.  is committed to helping local businesses develop and grow in the 21st ward. Which is why he created the “21st Business Advisory Council”  for all local business and community leaders. The Business Council has partnered with  other business oriented organizations to help aid us with providing the best resources to the 21st ward business community. Organization such as Chatham Business Association, Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, and BACP Small Business Center.  The Business Advisory Council has been meeting every other month since September of 2015.  Below you can find past flyers, and meeting agenda notes.

*Advisory Council Flyer, Meeting Minutes1, Meeting Mintues2

On behalf of Alderman Brookins Jr. we would like to invite all aspiring business owners and developers to consider the 21st for their business location.

Starting A Business? Here Some City Resources For You:

Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection has a multitude of resources to aid in the starting of a business. They have listed five critical steps when beginning a business:

  1. Business Planning – Before you schedule an appointment with a business consultant

  2. Check Zoning

  3. Licensing

  4. Permitting

  5. Other Business Requirements

 An in depth description of each of these steps, as well as the resources that are available, can be located by clicking here.

 Also, please take a look at the Chatham Business Association, BACP Small Business Center, and Chicagoland Chambers for any other resources or assistance that you may need.

Chatham Business Association, BACP Small Business CenterChicagoland Chamber of Commerce

21st Ward Businesses

Running A Business?

 First off Alderman Howard B. Brookins Jr. would like to thank all business owners and business developers that have chosen to operate in the 21st ward. Should you have any questions regarding your business, below are some useful links to aid business owners in their every day operations.

 Renew Your Business License

Public Way Use Permits

Zoning Check

Tax Information

Loading Zones

Update Your Business License

Building Permits Permits

Commercial Driveway Permits

Business License Inspections

Water, Recycling & Sanitation

Disciplinary Hearings

Financial Assistance Resources

 For more information on these topics, as well as information regarding other resources, click here.

If you have further business-related questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.