Alderman Howard B. Brookins has a proven track record of job creation within the 21st ward community.  As alderman Howard Brookins Jr. has worked hard to bring more business development  and employment opportunities into the 21st ward. He initiated and facilitated the building of the 83rd street corridor, the new Dunkin Donuts and Wing Zone on 87th street, the Dunkin Donuts across from Walgreens on 79th street with more projects to come.

Also Alderman Brookins got companies like Walmart and Lowe’s  to hire residents of his community first before they could reach outside for employees .  He also pushed for  CTA to hire more south siders rather than spend our tax dollars hiring people from other communities.

21st Ward Job Fair-2014
Alderman Brookins strives to create jobs for the 21st Ward residents. To that end, a job fair was held at the Aldermanic office on December 3, 2014.  On that  day some  300 candidates who  interviewed by Jamar Group.  Out of the 300, 50 were hired that day! Now, 50 people will be employed as crew members, guest service reps, shift managers, cooks and delivery drivers.
The Jamar Group opened the following businesses in the 21st Ward right off of 87th and Ashland.
  • Dunkin’ Donuts
  • Wing Zone
  • Baskin Robbins
  • Papa John’s
Thank you to the Jamar Group for your support of the 21st Ward.

Public Safety

Throughout his career,  alderman Howard Brookins has been a leading advocate to end gun violence and police corruption.  Alderman Brookins believes that the federal government needs to step up to get guns out of our communities and create a new culture in the Chicago Police Department.

Alderman Brookins was also the first Alderman to call for the Laquan McDonald video to be released, he also stood with the black caucus  as they called for Police Superintendent McCarthy  resignation. Brookins himself called for McCarty to get fired months before the video came out, and plans to continue to work making sure that  police are independently investigated in Chicago and nationwide for any unjust deaths at their hands.


The power of education can empower a child to soar to new heights.  As alderman, Howard B. Brookins Jr. has stood up to make sure the children in his ward received a quality education.  When CPS tried to close Mahlia Jackson school, Howard worked with community groups and the administration to save the school. Alderman Brookins has voted to create more after-school programs, longer school days, and extended preschool to assist with keeping our kids learning and off the streets.  He also hosted the 21st Ward 1st annual “High School Fair” at Fort Dearborn Elementary this past November of 2015, and hosted a “College Internship” fair for 21st High School Seniors and College Students come April, 2016.